“Dallol Ethiopia Tours is a private company based in Addis Ababa, Mekele, Gonder and Axum that offers a unique opportunity for travelers to discover the historic sites, cultural and the natural beauty of Ethiopia.“

We have 15 years experience of tour guiding and tour organizing for international and domestic travelers. Dallol Ethiopian Tours has a unique service to provide for its customers and to the carriers that have thrilled it. Our company has a professional staffs engaging guiding services & tour operating having extensive knowledge of the country and all Guides working for Dallol Ethiopia Tours do speak excellent English language we can arrange guides who speaks international multi-language if the request comes!

Our Approach
Our drivers have also many years of experience in driving throughout the country. We have also great escort chief who prepare yummy western and traditional meals while you are in the trekking routes. Therefore our expertise allows travelers to customize their trip that suits them, ensuring a pleasant tour with superb value.

Our Values
Our values are simple and are focused on the client experience and the impact and contribution to Ethiopian society and development.We appreciate that every opportunity to travel and experience new cultures is a privilege that must be cherished. We are committed to ensuring unforgettable experiences and professional service. We believe that tourism should benefit the local communities of a destination. To that effect, we support community-based tourism projects and organizations that focus on societal development.


Our staff bring many years of professional and personal travel experience to ensure every booking is handled with excellence and professionalism. We are truly dedicated to providing quality service and expert knowledge to our clients, from the initial point of contact through the end of their stay and often long after they have returned to their home country.

Biniyam Leake
Co Founder / CEO
Filimon Taddess
Marketing Director
Drivers & logistics
Team Members